The first hotel suite in the world with a massage area on a trimaran casts off in southern Corsica. The Pinarello prolongs its Corsican dream on the water for a night, for a wellness treatment or for an evening aboard 4 star trimaran.

When you book a night aboard Pinarello II, you are sure to live a unique travel experience…

Leave early in the morning towards a heavenly cove, enjoy a lunch where the flavors of the sea are sublimated, benefit from a treatment on board, take communion in front of the sunset before settling in your suite to extending the Corsican dream: this is the new promise that Pinarello II offers to its customers. To benefit from a massage on board, Pinarello II is moored in the bay next to the Genoese tower and welcomes its guests taken from the hotel by boat.

The sensory escape is experienced at the rate of a 1-hour signature treatment entrusted to the expert hands of a practitioner trained in the NUCCA natural and organic treatment protocol and Cinq Mondes treatment rituals.

The most complicated will be to decide between the benefits of rare active ingredients, derived from Corsican plants and revitalizing minerals with the precious and active virtues of NUCCA, or the benefits of phyto-aromatherapy from the Cinq Mondes. Before or after the treatment, everyone can prolong the parenthesis on board by enjoying a detox or more gourmet well-being snacks according to their desires, while enjoying a sunbath or a paddle ride.

Finally in the evening, Pinarello II offers a privatized ride to enjoy a unique view of the most beautiful Corsican sunsets. According to the wishes of the clientele, the skipper can sail in the bay of Saint Cyprien, Fautéa or approach the limestone cliffs of Santa Manza.

Possibility to rent by the day…

Custom-made for Le Pinarello, this boat welcomes hotel guests for a signature treatment, during an evening on board or for a day and night for a private break. This unprecedented experience aboard the Pinarello II provides the sweet feeling of being a privileged witness of what nature has to offer. Add to that the sense of welcome, the incentive to let go and the love of knowing how to receive well, of which only Le Pinarello has the secret and we obtain the conviction of having found paradise on earth.